Mountain City, TN

Last updated 10/25/2006
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Metro Area Minutes Miles
Greensboro 180 140
Raleigh 240 216
Winston-Salem 140 110

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ORV Fees
  • $10 per day
  • Pay at the small shed in the middle of the campground.
Trail Summary
  • Most trails are accessible to stock (unmodified) four wheel drive vehicles.
  • Individual trails vary in length up to 3.0 miles.
  • Many trails provide obstacles requiring the use of a spotter or trail guide
  • Some areas may be traversed in a different manner greatly increasing or decreasing the technical difficulty of the obstacle.
  • Some obstacles do not have provisions for bypassing
  • Trail system is open year-round, however winter snow and icing can make some obstacles particularly treacherous
  • Trail system accommodates beginner-to-intermediate levels with guidance and provides challenging 4x4 experiences for experienced drivers with purpose-built vehicles
  • Trail ratings range from 2-7 [1-10 scale]
Terrain Summary
  • The trails system started as former and existing logging trails cut into mountainous terrain.
  • The terrain is rolling, with several steep, winding trails and many creek crossings.
  • Rock outcroppings and steep drop-offs are common, with the majority of trail obstacles being rock formations surrounded by washout
  • Several trails consist of traveling through creeks for an extended distance.
  • Some areas offer exposed rock obstacles and steep hill climbs
  • Campsites with amenities are:
    • Callantee ATV & Campground
      784 Furnace Creek Rd, Mountain City, TN 37683
      (423) 727-8156
    • Johnson County Welcome Center Campground
      716 S. Shady Street, Mountain City, TN 37683
      423-727-5800 or